Extreme Tangerine

$45.00 Double Fan


Extreme Tangerine

Extreme Tangerine has been an exciting seedling since its first bloom. We love its parent, Sea of Cinders, but it has proven only marginally hardy here. So we crossed Sea of Cinders with the rock-hardy Horns and grew Extreme Tangerine. It looks more like Sea of Cinders except for the fact that its color is more orange than red orange and its gold edge is not as heavy. It has proven to have the hardiness of Horns. It has a scape of 38 inches with 3 way branching and a bud count of 20. It blooms midseason and is tetraploid. It has a 6 inch orange flower with slightly lighter sepals and has a yellow ruffled and slightly toothy edge with a yellow to green throat. The foliage is semi-evergreen.


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2494 E Hasselburger Ave
Terre Haute, IN 47805
P:(812) 239-0790
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