Hot Buttered Rum

$75.00 Double Fan


Butter Pecan X Bass Gibson BP-BG#1

Hot Buttered Rum $75

Hot Buttered Rum

Hot Buttered Rum is an exciting addition to the late garden. It gets going when the other daylilies are winding down. The flower is 6 inches across and is a soft orange with yellow midribs and yellow ruffled edges. The throat is yellow to green. It looks similar to its parent Butter Pecan but blooms later and is much taller. The scapes is 40 inches tall with 3 way branching and 17 buds. It is a dormant tetraploid and has rebloomed for us. (Butter Pecan X Bass Gibson)


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2494 E Hasselburger Ave
Terre Haute, IN 47805
P:(812) 239-0790
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