Witch King of Angmar

$65.00 Double Fan


Ebony Jewel X Baracuda Bay EJ-BB#4

Witch King of Angmar

Witch King of Angmar

Witch King of Angmar is a great dark daylily for garden display. It features 6 inch maroon flowers with a slight watermark. The maroon moves into a red over yellow area before going to a yellow to green throat. Its scapes are 36 inches tall with 4 way branching and 24 buds. We have seen 6 way branching with 38 buds. It's a great grower and quite hardy in our zone 6a west central Indiana garden. It is a mid-late and semi-evergreen tetraploid. We have also seen rebloom. It is a sibling to 2021's Elderberry Wine. (Ebony Jewel X Barracuda Bay)


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