It's time to update our seedling page. This year, 2020, has been a strange one. Several late frost damaged the daylilies. Many of our named varieties were affected--shorter scapes and fewer blooms. The seedlings that should have bloomed for the first time in 2020 didn't. After the frost, they had a strange twisted look and most didn't bloom. They did grow out of the twisted look and hopefully we will see some beauties in 2021. The older seedlings, however, were great this year. Many were marked for keeping and introduction.

We are working on several goals--toothy daylilies with strong colors like orange, red, or purple, or eyed. We love eyed and edged daylilies, especially the combinations of red and yellow, red and white, purple and near black, and red and near black. We also love miniature and small daylilies of all sorts. Late-blooming daylilies is another characteristic we are looking for.

None of these seedlings are ready for sale yet. We are waiting for increase for a few of them. We just thought you might like to have a look at what we are up to.


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