This past season, 2021, was a great one for the seedlings. We saw many of our older seedlings really come into their own. Several were selected to be lined out for future introductions. The newest crop of seedlings produced some lovely red/yellow and patterned daylilies as well as our first group of small diploids in many years. I will be fun to see how these shape up in 2022.

We are working on several goals--toothy daylilies with strong colors like orange, red, or purple, or eyed. We love eyed and edged daylilies, especially the combinations of red and yellow, red and white, purple and near black, and red and near black. We also love miniature and small daylilies of all sorts. Late-blooming daylilies is another characteristic we are looking for. Recently, we have started working with diploids, most breeding for tall and small ones.

None of these seedlings pictured here are ready for sale. We just thought you might like to have a look at what might be introductions in a few years.


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