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Gryphon Carl Linneaus

Gryphon Carl Linneaus is a daylily from Gil Stelter of Canada. Gil uses forms of fulva in his hybridization program. This is Gil's first use of H. fulva 'Europa', the common so-called 'ditch lily,' in his fulva-tet program. He reports that it has the expected vigor of its pod parent and the touch of elegance of its pollen parent. It is a Chinese red self with a greenish golden throat and white midribs on the petals. It does not appear to be rhizomatous. Gryphon Carl Linneaus has 47 inch scapes with 5 way branching and 20 buds. It is a dormant tetraploid that blooms mid-late season with 7 inch flowers. It is classified as an unusual form cascade. We add this one to the garden in 2018 and have not yet seen it bloom.

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