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Gryphon Baltic Heritage

Gryphon Baltic Heritage is the second in the series of Gil's Stelter's hybrids using fulva as a recent parent. It has 38 inch scapes with 3 way branching with 15 buds. It is registered as a mid-late dormant tetraploid (Jamie Gossard has tested it and found it to be a triploid. However, it will cross with tetraploids.) It has 9.5 inch flowers of a dark reddish maroon with strong white midribs on the ptetals and a green throat. The flowers are usually cascade, but sometimes show spider ratios. It has powerful pollen but is a somewhat difficult pod parent. It is mildly rhizomatous. [‘Godzilla’ x (H. fulva ‘Hankow’ x ‘Ruby Spider’)] X ‘Web Browser’


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Cherry Hill Garden
2494 E Hasselburger Ave
Terre Haute, IN 47805
P:(812) 239-0790
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